Welcome to my page!

☆Name: Ollie
☆Nicknames: Faun or Milo
☆Sexuality: asexual/polyamorous/panromantic
☆Star sign: Libra
☆Neurodivergent (autistic/ADD)
☆I am faunkin /srs
☆Age regresssor (nonsexual; i use age regression as a coping mechanism)

Media Interests
(⭐️ and bolded indicates a current hyperfixation)
(⭐️ indicates a current interest)

⭐️The Sandman (comic series)
⭐️Moon Knight (TV Series)
⭐️Breath of the Wild
Animal Crossing
Steam Powered Giraffe
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Sweet Tooth
Word Girl
The Dark Tower
The Walten Files
The Mandela Catalogue
Fraggle Rock
SCP Foundation
Lemon Demon
Wings of Fire

Non-Media Interests
(⭐️ and bolded indicated a current hyperfixation)
(⭐️ indicates a current interest)

⭐️Dungeons & Dragons
⭐️Old web stuff
⭐️Lost media
⭐️Film Analysis
⭐️Video Game Analysis and History
⭐️Old Internet Culture (2006-2012)
Alternative culture
Old tech (especially computers)
Competitive Pokémon

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(🍀 and bolded are main kins)
(🍀 is a top kin)
(🌱 is a minor kin)
♡♡♡ Doubles are fine! ♡♡♡

🍀Milo Thatch (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
🍀Mr. Tumnus (Narnia)
🍀Banny (The Walten Files)
🍀Billy (The Walten Files)
🌱Fennekin (Starters)
🍀Bulbasaur (Starters)
🍀Rabbit (SPG)
🌱Fluttershy (MLP)
🍀Rainbow Dash (MLP)
🍀Wembly (Fraggle Rock)
🍀Big Bird (Sesame Street)
🌱Finn (Adventure Time)
🍀Fozzie Bear (Muppets)
🍀Ralsei (Deltarune)
🌱Sunny (Wings of Fire)
🌱Delirium (The Sandman)
🍀Tommy Coolatta (HLVRAI)
🌱Oy (The Dark Tower)
🌱Dr. Glass (SCP Foundation)
🍀Bingo (Bluey)
🍀Mangle (FNAF)
🌱Spring Bonnie (FNAF)
🌱Toy Bonnie (FNAF)
🍀BMO (Adventure Time)
🌱Carey Fangbattle (TAZ)

__________________________✧・゚: ✧・゚:    :・゚✧:・゚✧__________________________

(💖 indicates indicates a top favorite)
(💕 indicates a minor favorite)

💖Morpheus (The Sandman)
💕Pyro (TF2)
💕Medic (TF2)
💖Benrey (HLVRAI)
💕Dr. Kondraki (SCP Foundation)
💖Dr. Clef (SCP Foundation)
💖The Faun (Pan's Labrinyth)
💖Nux (MMFR)
💕Furiosa (MMFR)
💕Hedwig (Split, Glass)
💖Ford Prefect (Hitchhiker's Guide)
💕Ido (Battle Angel: Alita)
💖The Spine (SPG)
💖Ronin (Epic)
💖Badgerclops (Mao Mao)
💖Sun (FNAF: Security Breach)
💕Beverly Marsh (IT)
💖Paul Atriedes (Dune)
💕Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
💖Karl Heisenberg (RE8)
💕Donna Beneviento (RE8)
💕Marceline (Adventure Time)
💖Herbert West (Reanimator)
💕Magnus Burnsides (TAZ)
💖Roland Deschain (The Dark Tower)
💖Spamton (Deltarune)
💕Dr. Two-Brains (Word Girl)

❌Do NOT interact with me if you:❌

  • Follow basic DNI criteria (racist, sexist, transphobic/TERF, NSFW, kink, neo-Nazi, etc.)

  • Do not support neopronouns or xenogenders

  • Are DDLG

  • Fetishize or infantalize trauma, neurodivergent people, or LGBTQ+ individuals

  • Ship real people/cross people's boundaries

  • Are politics-focused

  • Do not like/support otherkin identities

Before You Follow

  • I use tone tags; please use them with me!

  • Please do not say I'm "young for my age" or "seem younger than I am."

  • Please support my neopronouns! You don't have to use them all the time.

  • If you need something tagged, just ask!

  • I type in all caps often.

  • Spam-liking and reblogging are fine!

  • I'm a dumbass /lh